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Summary and Update: The Day After Roswell by Phillip Corso


For an update and summary, not a replacement, I selected Philip Corso’s The Day After Roswell because he promoted the idea that the Roswell crash not only happened, but that we appropriated sophisticated alien technology-- and kept it all secret. If true, and because of our government’s nondisclosure of UFO facts, Corso’s intriguing story would be representative of one of the most important realizations--and biggest coverups-- in all of Human history. His story is logical and embedded with impressive detail. He interacted with prominent figures, including senators, generals, a secretary of defense, a pope, and a president, and none of them came forward to challenge his claims in his New York Times Best Seller--the only book about UFOs ever to make the New York Times Best Seller list.

With his web of important connections in the Pentagon and military, quiet and reserved Colonel Corso morphed into the ultimate insider’s insider.

Philip Corso matured into a decorated, trustworthy, and dedicated military man. He advanced to be one of the top intelligence officers in the Army in research and design of “foreign technology” at the Pentagon—a broad classification which would include UFOs.  A person of exceptional prominence in the national archives in St. Louis, Missouri, according to publisher Simon and Schuster, Corso served four years on President Eisenhower’s National Security Council.

Colonel Corso felt obligated in his eighties to pass on to his children, grandchildren, and the rest of the world, some of the details of his most unusual career. Because of the secrecy insisted upon by the military for over seven decades regarding UFOs, Colonel Corso, in a videotaped interview on February 1, 2008, said that, if he did not share it, the story would likely die with him.  In the same video, his son said his father shared only about 10% of what he knew in his best-selling book, The Day After Roswell. The rest remained buried under a “top secret” classification. His shocking UFO classic, with a foreword by Senator Strom Thurmond, whom Corso worked for as an aide after his military career, shares enough to persuade even the most stubborn skeptic that UFOs are not only a reality but that aliens proved themselves to be an existential threat.

Summary and Update: The Day After Roswell by Phillip Corso

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