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Warning! This mind-expanding book may change you forever. This is a summary book, not the original text. Of the many books on Aliens and UAP, Richard Dolan’s new book stands alone. One of the world’s leading historians on UFOs, Dolan studied abductees’ reports and categorized the different alien types and likely agendas.
He reviews the most convincing evidence and speculates on just who the aliens may be and want. Dolan’s analysis begins with our ancient pre-history and continues with our possible genetic modifications and monitoring by extraterrestrials. He also reveals the long history of interaction with perfectly human-looking beings but who seemed like they were from out of town, way out of town.
Such interactions never let up. Who are they? He scrutinizes the suspicious grays, short and tall, and other types, including mysterious reptilians, mind-controlling insectoids, rapidly evolving hybrids, and a motley crew of others.
Dolan steps forward to ascertain their peculiar psychology, technological prowess, and way of interacting with people. Unsettling “ultimate plans” start to come into focus.
He argues that the alien presence becomes especially important at this time on planet Earth. Accelerating the transformation of human civilization into something we are only beginning to comprehend is the nature of the game. Dolan points to a combination of radical new technologies permeating a new social order that ultimately might make human civilization akin to alien civilizations. Embedded in sophisticated science and technology, we progress towards a tightly centralized and controlled new world order.


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